Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sherry & Rick

October 18th, 2008
Wolf Mountain Vineyard

The first thing I think of when I think back to this wedding was good ole southern hospitality. A week before the wedding I met Sherry and Rick up at Wolf Mountain Vineyard for their engagement session. Even though I had only briefly meet the two before the shoot, I felt like they were old friends. They have a very relaxed way about them. We walked around the property and ran into a women setting up her flowers for a wedding. Sherry asked if she was available the following weekend because she didn't have a florist quite yet. It ended up working out beautifully just like that, easy and relaxed.

During the wedding multiple people kept coming up to us to make sure we were well feed and happy. I remember the groom even offering to get me a drink. Everyone was really nice to us and I greatly thank Sherry and Rick for having such awesome friends and family.

The wedding was beautiful. They had this massive vineyard to themselves up in North Georgia. Sherry had splashes of red everywhere. From the roses to her red stilettos. The ceremony took place on a porch with the sun setting behind the bride and groom as they said their vows and I do's.

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