Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shannon & Jesse

Shannon & Jesse
July 5th 2008
Holy Spirit Catholic Church
103 West

We had so much fun at Shannon and Jesse's wedding! Shannon has a smile that can fill a room and Jesse had a laugh that can not just fill a room, but fill the building. With the help of Matrimony INC (one of my favorite planning companies in the industry) they had one perfect wedding.

My assistant Thu I think put it best when she said "this wedding felt to me like it was right out of a movie". I definitely agree, it had that perfect movie feel about it, especially during the last two songs. For the first of the two all the guest came together and formed a circle around the couple. They sang and toasted as Jesse and Shannon twirled around inside and couldn't keep their eyes off each other as Shannon smiled and Jesse laughed. For the last song everyone came together and had their hands up in the air. It was hard to get through the crowd to get a picture of Jesse and Shannon who were in the middle of it all in a strong embrace kissing each other like they were the only ones in the room. Then almost like the movie ended, they were off in a Bentley. For Shannon and Jesse I am sure this was only the beginning of all the smiles and laughs they are going to have together.

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