Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rachel & Will

Rachel & Will
June 28th 2008
River Oaks Golf Course

I met Rachel over a year ago at a networking meeting. She had just moved to Atlanta and we became friends quickly. Rachel is so full of laughter and happiness (not to mention intelligence) it was hard not to have a blast everytime we hung out. We were both engaged to guys who were not in Atlanta, Paul was in DC for the summer and Will lived up north.

Rachel didn't stay in Atlanta long. I could tell that she had a very strong family back in Minnesota that she missed, not to mention Will in another state. I didn't quite understand why she wanted to leave Atlanta right after moving here until I made it up to Minnesota and until I met Will.

Rachel's family was in one word, incredible. I have never felt so welcomed so quickly. In such a short amount of time they made Thu and I feel like part of the family. The day after the wedding we just hang out at the house with everyone. It was very hard to leave.

I had heard so much about Will and seen pictures so it was great to finally meet him. Rachel and Will are an absolute perfect match. They truly lit one another up, it was beautiful. He is also full of smiles, laughter and intelligence. They also both have some serious curly hair! I wish you two all the best and look forward to catching up.

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