Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Meghan & Ryan

Meghan & Ryan
Peachtree Club
June 27th 2008

Meghan and Ryan's wedding was filled with their personalities from the grooms cake made to resemble an Atari controller to all the costumes. One of my favorite moments was right after they where married, I followed them into the after ceremony holding room. They both broke out into a victory dance which rivals any touchdown dance I have ever seen. It was a great moment.

Some more favorite moments included family members breaking into YMCA with funny hats, the "kill Bill" game, one of the most violent bouquet tosses ever, and all the sweat peas. Not only did Meghan and Ryan introduce me to one of the best wonton restaurants in Atlanta, but they had me be part of a very memorable wedding. Thank you guys, I had a blast!

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