Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ellen & Jeff

Ellen & Jeff
Morningside Presbyterian Church
Lambert Place

What a way to finish off the year! Ellen and Jeff are just such a fun couple. I knew it would be a great wedding just from our first meeting at Taqueria del Sol. We sat back over tacos and talked about the big day. Every single time I met with these guys they just laughed and smiled the whole time. Both Ellen and Jeff are the sort of people that you are just happy whenever in their presence. I had such a great time at the wedding!

When the wedding finally came, it went off just flawlessly. Ellen and Jeff decided to meet up before the wedding for their pictures and I am so happy they did! The colors were perfect with a little bit of light shinning through the yellow and green trees. Ellen made a stunning bride. Her blue eyes seemed to glow brighter then the trees behind. Thank you guys, I had a blast!

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