Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Nicole & Phil

Nicole & Phil
November 1st
Big Canoe

Nicole and Phil picked the perfect day for their wedding. In my opinion it was the prettiest day we have had this year. The leaves had just turned and the weather was, well, perfect! Nicole put together an awesome team of vendors. She is friends with one of my favorite florists in the industry, Carrie Hett with Bridal Blooms (http://www.bridal-blooms.com/). Carrie once again did a wonderful job with the flowers. The DJ had every guest out there on the dance floor and when I say every guest I mean every guest. Nicole's 90 year old grandmother was out there all night with a pick boa just dancing away.

The day started out at Nicole and Phil's dream home. I soon realized that it was anyone's dream home. The balcony had one of the best views I have seen of the Georgia Mtns.

I am so happy the wedding went so well, Nicole and Phil are just awesome people. Real laid back and just happy in each other's company. It was great spending the day with them!

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