Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Julie & Henry

Sardis Methodist Church
Atlanta, Georgia

I was very excited about this wedding! Not only are Julie and Henry just lovely people, they happened to be getting married at my favorite church, Sardis Methodist. Sardis has been part of my life for well... all of it. My parents were married there, my nephew was baptized there, and I even went to Kindergarten and First grade at Atlanta International School which was (for it's first few years) in the building behind the church. I have memories of hiding under the stairs, I was a shy kid!

The wedding was beautiful as well as the reception. The reception site, the Buckhead Club, had an overview of Atlanta, and I got a great shot of the cake with a view! The room gave the feel that you were on top of Atlanta. The guests were all so nice, and happy. They hit the dance floor (I am pretty sure all of them) and didn't stop dancing till well into the night. One of my favorite moments was when Julie's daughter gave her speech to her mom. It was full of emotion and admiration; in one word it was "beautiful".

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