Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Caleb Cam

Nikki and Steve had a brunch for their wedding at one of Atlanta's favorite restaurants, Mary Mac's (not to mention one of my favorites as well). One of their guests, 6 year old Caleb, was very curious about photography and wanted to assist me. I set up a camera for him and let him shoot for a while. What can I say, but Caleb was a natural! He got one of my favorite shots of Steve.

It is funny how people react differently with a child, and kids can get images that are very difficult for an adult to take. People will pull faces, smile, laugh and do some crazy posing. One of the images has the whole table smiling, even those in the background! The following are a few pictures from Caleb. I want to give a big thanks for the excellent assistance! Caleb you are an awesome photographer, great job and thank you!

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