Tuesday, April 17, 2007


One of the trips that has changed my life forever was my trip last year to Kenya and Tanzania.

Africa was beyond all expectations! I had some experiences I will always remember! I was offered a goat and a few cows for my hand in marriage in a Masai village! I didn't think that it was such a great idea for a few reasons, one being the men get many wives, and the other being they believe their women should be circumcised (they perform this surgery in their cow dung huts)! I had some lions outside my tent one night! Camping in the Serengeti is quite scary. Me and my friend Tanja spent some time with the villagers in Zanzibar and learned the "pole pole" way of life (Swahili for slowly slowly). Overall I will always remember this trip! As you all know, I think my pictures tell of my trip a bit better then words, so I have kept this e-mail short. So please have a look at my site, http://www.kristiodom.com/.

I absolutely love the big cats. I was in the above vehicle shooting this lion, so I was shooting down from the open car. He choose to use the shade of our car and just chill out! The lion reacted to the sound of my camera by looking at me, and showing me his teeth. I was shaking for ages after this shot, the lion was so overwhelming, that my hands just kept on trembling. I wasn't able to steady my hands for a while to take any more pictures!

Laughing with the Maasai! It is great how laughter breaks all language barriers. We didn't understand a word of each others, but yet it is so easy to share smiles!

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