Monday, December 27, 2004

Movie thoughts

I realized tonight as I sat watching a movie at the cinema, that so many people go to movie to escape. To totally get lost in the film and kind of forgot where you yourself are. It cuts down time to think about your own problems instead you are thinking about the characters on the screen.

There was a child somewhere talking, quickly followed by numerous people saying "shhh". I smiled, then wondered why I wasn't upset by the disturbance. Most people get annoyed because it kills the whole illusional escape. It made me really happy that I wasn't annoyed, but instead I enjoyed the interuptions. Interruptions made the theater full of life, and that was somewhat beautiful. From the kid talking, to the phone that went off right after a really intiment scene, to the people getting upset at the kid, and finally to all the youngsters leaving early for their curfew. I guess once I sat back and relaxed I realized that it is silly to be annoyed, and even crazier not to realize that these little quirks are kind of unique and beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

I was also at the movie tonight and I felt the same way, almost. I kept bouncing back and forth between being "the only person in the theater" totally engrossed in the film to being part of the living breathing body of the audience. It was a good movie that dealt with relationships and during lulls in dialogue I had a chance to reflect on those of my own while quietly spying around at the crowd. I agree that it would be nice if more people could recognize their connectedness with one another and enjoy the time they share...even in a movie theater.

--the guy with the least hair on his head