Monday, December 20, 2004

gotta luv the couches

In 2004 I have slept on many couches, some more lumpy then others, but I have been thankfully for each and every one. Here is the list of all the placed I have slept in 2004...
1. Sydney - my futon (ok so sometimes I fall asleep in front of the TV)
2. Sydney - Christine's pull out couch bed - I had my very own room, I was very comfortable
3. Hong Kong - Paul's couch, he gave me his key and flat for my week in HK, very cool
4. Finland - Jossu's floor, his put down a little mattress for me
5. Sweden- Kristina's friends rollaway bed- I even got woken up on my birthday with a Swedish treat
6. London - Jen's floor - her apartment complex had an extra air mattress
7. Atlanta- Bill and Banish's couch - lots of good movies and I always felt welcome
8. Atlanta - Dereks couch - lots of pillows, very comfortable, and some good company t00
9. Atlanta - Fil, Chris, and Tourbans - the cats wanted to cuddle all night
10. Atlanta - Dave Taylors basement couch - no windows, always a good place to sleep in
11. DC - Marshalls couch
12. Connecticut - Dave Scales Futon
13. Massachusetts - Brad's parents basement - I loved Cape Cod, but learned that when a local says that the water is cold, that it is freezing
14. New York - Some of Bob's friends couch
15. North Carolina - Darci's couch - I had a cool dog to keep me company

That is all I can think of right now. I have slept in lots of tents, busses, trains, a few planes, more hostels then I can remember, and of course chewy (the 86 pathfinder I drove in Australia) and my new car. Overall I have become a bit of a heavy sleeper.


Derek Haynes said...

Wow...I hope you got tested after all of this.

Kristi said...

Ya I have caught sofa-ifalis, and I think that I gave it to your couch. Sorry.