Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tiffany & Steven

Piedmont Park
Lake Clara Meer
Magnolia Hall
April 24th 2009

Tiffany and Steven were both so welcoming that by the end of the wedding I felt like one of their close friends. They are so filled with laughter and smiles that it is hard not to feel happy and at ease just in their presence.

They had an outdoor wedding at Piedmont Park on a perfect spring day. The crazy rain from the night before made everything just a bit more green. I do need to make a note here on how amazing the florals were. The florist kept the organic feel of Lake Clara Meer but really enhanced it with a stone aisle (that was amazing). Her use of twigs, stone as well as flowers really blew me away. Something else that amazed me was the craftiness of Tiffany's mom. She handmade her daughter's wedding dress (amongst many other things)!

The only challenge shooting on the dock was the ducks that tried to join in on the group pictures. It was very hard to compete with them for the little kids attention. But all in all it was an amazing day with an amazing couple.

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