Saturday, May 16, 2009

Erin & Scott

Erin & Scott
May 9th 2009
Sun Village Resort and Bungalows
Dominican Republic

It is very hard to sum up this wedding, the first word that comes to mind is epic. You could make a full length Hollywood movie on Erin and Scott's wedding weekend. They had it all, some absolutely insane dance moves, fainting, rockin' boats, lots of alcohol, splitting pants, dancing in the rain, cigars, a crazy amount of love between the bride and groom, and an amazing setting of the Dominican Republic.

When I met with Erin to talk about her wedding, I remember thinking that she was very professional, very organized, perfect makeup, perfect hair. Sometimes the most organized people have a harder time letting go at their wedding. Wow was I wrong. Erin is such a free spirit and it all came to life on her wedding day. She was laughing and smiling so much that she reminded me of a kid in a candy shop. During the ceremony she had one tear, then it was back to smiling and laughing. There was a rain storm during the reception and Erin without hesitation took her new husband out in the rain and sang and danced around while getting drenched in her wedding dress. It was beautiful.

I had such an amazing time in the Dominican Republic. 54 people made down for Erin and Scott's wedding and they were all such great people; it was hard not to have fun with them. Thank you all so much for including me in everything, words can not tell you how much fun I had!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos! You have outdone yourself again.

Anonymous said...

These are the most incredible photos that I have ever seen!!! You really captured every moment!! Beautiful couple & unbelieveable setting!!!

Cynthia Fillman said...

Kristi, these ROCK! Looks like it was a fun wedding and you can really, really feel the love between the bride and groom ... you are SUCH a fantastic photographer!!! I hope you are happy with the results, 'cause I think they are spectacular!!!

Warren Williams said...

Wow, incredible work!
I was given your link through Tanja.

Amazing how they stepped into the rain without hesitation, and you captured those moments.

Anonymous said...

I am so obsessed with these pictures...granted they are of me and my hubby...but you're such an amazing photographer and have such an eye for the shots.