Friday, January 09, 2009

Music Photography

I decided recently to dig through all my old music photography and put some up on my website. So many memories... I do kind of miss shooting bands, but honestly I am much happier with what I am shooting now.
I loved going to concerts with a press pass that said "Rollingstone". The industry did get very competitive and I was just one of many taking photos of bands. I feel much more special seeing my wedding images on a person's wall, or pictures I have taken of people kids being carried around in wallets. It makes me feel like my wedding and family photography is truly loved and that makes me feel great. I hope you a enjoy of few of my favorites from back in my music shooting days! Make sure to check out the Music section on!

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Linda Surles said...

Hey Kristi! These are great :) How are you? I hope business is great and you are making those DC connections! Take care. Ring me if you are in ATL and have time for coffee!