Sunday, January 09, 2005

Life is Rich

It is crazy how people who have nothing in the way of material possessions can have so much in the way in way of life. I have seen way more smiles in poor villages then I have in New York City, Atlanta, or even London. These village kids really taught me that life is rich, no matter how poor you are. Sometimes I think that all the western world has built has taken people further away from what is truly important in life. People are so busy trying to make it, or be rich, or successful that they have forgotten about life. I feel like our progression in a way is pulling us further away from enjoying the simple things.


Derek Haynes said...

The United States is the best and most powerful country in the world. We have a culture that encourages achievement, risk-taking, and the pursuit of lofty ideals. More than any other country, you can pursue these goals at any age, be of any sex, and be of any race.

All in all, we are also very balanced...we study less (although it is an increasing amount) than many other developed nations, but have always outperformed them when it counts. We dominate in athletics, our culture, movies, and music is spread the world-over, and we are having a profound positive impact on the economies of Asia.

I think the problem is there are less and less battles to fight - and we're a culture that's always looking for a cause. So, people have turned their attention to material possessions.

The pursuit of success also has many simple pleasures - a kind pat on the pack, and unexpected email filled with praise, or a congratulatory phone call. I don't think it matters where you get your pleasure - just as long as you get some.

Kristi said...

I am referring to the fact that so much technology, takes us away from nature. I believe strongly that nature is a reminder to us of the divine, and a lot of people find religion, spirituality and a constant reminder of some greater power in their own interactions with nature. It is not true for all, but for a pretty good majority. I think that the Western way of life takes people keeps people so busy and takes them away from the natural world that people are digressing spiritually. They have more, but feel more lost.