Sunday, January 23, 2005

Climbing in New Zealand

Last week I did 5 days of Rock Climbing in Wharepapa New Zealand. It was awesome! I just love climbing with the Kiwi's, they are so relaxed and just love being outdoors, it was a real pleasure! I stayed at this really cool Hostel, Bryce's Hostel, where they had their own bouldering wall and climbing shop. Bryce knows all about the area, climbing equiptment, and was really cool to just chat to. He took me for a climb, it was great climbing with the area master!

I climbed a lot with this German guy, Reinhart. On the second day we got lost on a farm looking for a climb. It took us a little over 2 hours! The climb was well worth it, it was up a tube. I got sunburnt, and I really never want to see another cow again. They would moo at me while climbing! It was definitly a unique experience. The farm land (Smith's Rock) looked like something directly out of Lord of the Rings.

I am working on a website with my climbing pics, I will link it soon to my climbing page. They are on, and


wildman1818 said...

Great pix. Those rocks are awsome. I see what you mean about the cows.
Ever climb in the northeast US?

Kristi said...

Nope, would love to one day, I did some climbing in North Carolina, and loved it. Where are the good crags up there??

Anonymous said...

Could that guys shorts be any smaller?