Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amy & Andrew

What a fun wedding! Amy was so happy she was glowing, it was beautiful to see. Everything about this wedding was picture perfect. The church (beside being very dim) was very beautiful. It was small with stone walls, antique doors, and large windows. The reception hall, Callanwolde was also a new venue to me and wow I was impressed. It was like something out of a fairytale right on Briarcliff. I must have passed the building a hundred times and never saw it hidden back behind some trees. The combination of the perfect church, a stunning reception hall, one of the best planners in the industry (Kiersten with Gooseberry), a glowing bride, and a permanent smile on the grooms face made this an unforgettable wedding.


Anonymous said...

You really didn't have to include the one of me, did you, Kristi?

Kidding, thanks for everything, you were awesome!


Kristi said...

I think that it is so sweet that you didn't shed a tear until you saw your bride walking down the aisle. It is every girl's dream.