Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DC and Atlanta

I am very happy to say I now have two places I call home. My husband Paul got a job in DC so I have moved up to Northern Virgina to be with him. I have moved in the fact that my dog and husband are up here, but I will still do most of my photography in Atlanta. I will spend half my year in both places. For the busy seasons I will be in Atlanta for all the wonderful weddings I have coming up and for the off seasons I will be up in Northern Virginia advertising. There are no travel fees for Atlanta or the DC areas. Please keep the referrals coming from Atlanta and if you know anyone in my new home town please send them my way! Tomorrow I am off again to Atlanta to cover the Wine Auction for the High Museum and to celebrate my birthday. Thanks again!
Kristi Odom

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Bill Allen said...

Very cool. There are several other former Technique/Blueprint people here in the DC area. Be sure to drop us a line when you're settled.