Friday, August 22, 2008

Cyndi & Matt

Cyndi & Matt
July 26th
St. Paul United Methodist Church

I just loved all the little touches at Cyndi and Matt's wedding. Cyndi is truly one of the most creative and crafty people I know. She did the flowers herself and they were the prettiest I have ever seen. She ordered blue roses from Europe. When she told me blue roses I expected that they would have a small blue tent. I was very happy to be wrong, they were royal blue and just stunning. Cyndi also made the cake toppers, banners for the reception, little key lime dessert, as well as the necklaces for the bridesmaids and MOB. It was almost like everywhere you looked there was a Cyndi touch. It was amazing. She also designed a symbol for the wedding that incorporated the blue roses. If she ever decides to leave architecture, she could become the first wedding graphic designer.

Cyndi and Matt also had the most original exit I have seen. There were no bubbles, confetti, or sparklers, but instead the guest throw paper airplanes. The perfect exit for a couple about to fly to Denmark to start a new life together.


Anonymous said...

It was truly a beautiful wedding. I am anxiously awaiting seeing your photos. We all loved the airplanes, especially when Cyndi and Matt started throwing them back.

Ina said...

Hi Kristi! I was so excited to see these - can't wait to see the rest! Ina (MOH)