Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lauren & Comer

April 5th 2008
First Christian Church
Commerce Club

Let me say first off, if I was to have a second family, I would want to move in with the Bowens! When Lauren came over to talk with me about wedding photography she brought her mom over. When I opened the door I realized that her mother, Margie, was one of my favorite coworkers from back when I worked at REI!

On the wedding day the photography started at the Bowen's house and I just fell in love with the house. Mr. Bowen helped design and build their home. It was designed to let in lots of natural light and just felt like you had left the city. It had the feel of a mountain home but yet I was inside the perimeter. Lauren and her sister were just full of laughs and smiles! I did feel very much at home.

Lauren and Comer had a great wedding. The day started off with a masseuse hired to relax and prep the bridesmaids for an exciting day. The bridal party was the largest group I have ever seen with 11 bridesmaids and 11 groomsmen but they were all so friendly that I felt like one of the gang.

Lauren and Comer had the ability to just light each other up. I don't remember a moment when they were looking at each other without a huge grin. Their love was apparent and just filled the room. Hopefully these images can help remind everyone of the emotions felt on the day.

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