Sunday, February 17, 2008

Denise & David

The Wimbish House
Atlanta, Ga

In the last couple of years there has only been one day I can only remember where we have had snow that filled the sky in "Hot-lanta" and actually stuck to the ground. That day was January 19th, the same day as Denise and David’s wedding. What was more of a coincidence was that David and Denise had chosen the theme of snow for their wedding! Their cake was frosted not just with icing, but also with snowflakes made of sugar, the lights cast snowflakes on the ceiling, David had hand cut tons of paper snowflakes for the guest to hold up for their exit, and after all that mother nature wanted to add her touch by giving them a actual white wedding.

With all the kids, snow, toys, and possibly the largest bowl of M&Ms in the world, it was hard not to feel 10 years younger by just being at the wedding! Everyone seemed so happy, especially the beautiful couple. It was definitely a wedding to remember!

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