Sunday, December 23, 2007

Much needed day off...

About a week ago (Wednesday the 12) it was in the 70's and absolutely oddly beautiful for December. My fiancé and I realized we both had 2 days off, and decided to do a camping and climbing trip. It was unbelievable; we threw all our camping gear into the car and drove up to Ashville. We met up with one of my old climbing buddies, Barry, and did a bit of a climb on Looking Glass Mountain. I met Barry rockclimbing in Argentina during my around the world trip and we tend to meet up every once in a while for a climb.

For me, my company has really taken off recently, so much that I hadn't taken a day off for almost a month. I enjoy what I do so much, I sometimes don't realize how many hours I am actually working. The two days of climbing and camping with Paul made me really happy. I am really glad we took advantage of the great weather because we had what seems like a 30 degree drop over one week.

I have included some of my pictures!

That's me climbing in the first 2 pictures. Since we were climbing with 3, Paul took them hanging at the first pitch. I am very proud, he is learning how to take some great pictures.

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