Friday, June 10, 2005


So I have come back to Atlanta, and it seems like most of my friends (that are still in Atlanta) are getting married. Last weekend I went to my 3rd wedding since I have been back.

Number 1, a New Orleans Wedding: Dave and Tanya! I flew back early from Sydney for this one, and it was well worth it. Me and Derek took the road trip to New Orleans to see them get married. Highlights included: the outside reception, the beautiful rehearsal dinner, walking around the streets of New Orleans, and of course the Shirley Temples.

Number 2, a White Wedding on the Green: Mindy and Raj! This time me, Tim, and Derek travelled to Augusta (golf mecca). We stayed at the Raddison and used Golf carts to get around the outside wedding. Oh ya there were 2 weddings, a Hindu and a Christian. The Hindu one was really interesting, I will admit that I didn't really understand what was going on, and kept worrying that Raj was going to light his Indian wear on fire when he had to walk around the stage. It was beautiful. Check out the pics on Highlights include: Indian food, golf carts, Bobby (the 15 year old in charge of watching the outdoor wedding), and Mindy's dress.

Number 3, a Big Fat Greek Wedding: Christina and Doug! Finally an Atlanta wedding. I will have lots of pics soon, I am writing this blog instead of editing the pics. Much like the Hindu ceremony, I didn't fully understand this one either. They had crownings, and lots of singing. Christina is one of my oldest friends. We spent a lot of years growing up together, so it was a bit crazy seeing her all married and such. She looked absolutly beautiful, and happy. I will link the pics when I get a chance. Highlights include: the bridesmates were all awesome, the food, the lighting (I loved the reception's lights), and the coffee bar.

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