Monday, April 11, 2005

Norah Jones

My pics finally went up on for my Norah Jones shoot back in Sydney. I took the first 10 pictures in the lot. They are currently on the photo main page, or you can just go to, The shoot was really hard, because Norah didn't want to "see the photographers", so they hid us in 7th row, so it was a distance shoot, and I don't have a 10,000 dollar lens (a 300 2.8). So I am actually happy with the images.

I think that she saw me at some point, I have a photo of her looking right at me, and she doesn't look too happy. Guess that little red blinking light (my camera's focus light) kind of gives away my position. So not my best shoot, but under considering the situation, and Norah being strange, I am very happy.

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Tanya said...

The pictures look great!