Sunday, November 21, 2004


New updates to my site...

1. Photos- Climbing- I have added a few pages here about climbing in North Carolina and Alabama. I was amazed to find one of the best climbing spots ( that I have been to) just 3 hours north of Atlanta!! Nice multi pitched trad crack climbing! It helps a lot that I now have a really good climbing partner (Barry from my Photos-friends page) that is willing to lead me up trad!

2. Photos- Friends pics of this post production office I did some photos for. Also the Susan Koman and Ga Tech football pages are pretty new.

3. Well you might have already noticed, I have taken down my exhibition site and added my Blog instead. Now I can ramble to people all over the world at the same time!!

Hopefully soon I would liek to add some best of pages. For example, best of climbing, best travel photos, and I really need to fix up my about me page.

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